Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cornerstone (Fayetteville) Men and Boys Camp Out

It started out as a camp-out for Pastor Danny's SS Class of youth boys then expanded to any men who wanted to come.  I believe there ended up being 10 in all.  The weather had turned cold and windy so the decision was made to actually set up tents under the pavilion.  This is not the first time folks have gone this route and I am sure it's not the last time.  
Last year I had purchased some heavy duty tarps to hang on the sides for just such conditions, so I hung them up and they ended up being a huge blessing.  Tony was the first to set-up a tent and then quickly moved to getting a nice fire going in the fireplace.  
Brother Danny was the cook for the outing and did a great job on the burgers and dogs.  After supper Brandon and Adam got out the guitars for a little praise and worship music.  Brother Danny led us in a time of devotion talking about a "Band of Brothers".  Everyone then spent a little time making s'mores -- actually there were a couple of different ways they did this.  
By this time 9:00 rolled around so I went ahead and slipped back to the RV while they all stayed up for a couple more hours.  The next morning I headed to work before it was daylight while Brother Danny was about to cook up some breakfast.  Everyone had a good time and commented they should do this more frequently.  The boys especially seemed to enjoy hitting the trails and exploring the camp.

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