Monday, October 1, 2012

Lakewood Baptist Returns . . .

Quite a few years have passed since the last time Lakewood Baptist Church made it up to the camp for a fellowship.  We were truly glad when Brother Terrell called and wanted to set up a time to come check things out.  After meeting with Todd, he was ready to put their date on the calendar!

Sunday evening the group started arriving at around four o'clock.  Their plans were to enjoy some recreation while the ladies got the food laid out on the table, eat, and then enjoy a time of worship together.

The food went down on the buffet tables fast!
And like any good church fellowship, the offerings were fabulous.
They seemed to enjoy their time together.  It was a fairly large group.  The man who was manning the drink table, Brother Larry, handed me a wooden cross when Brother Terrell introduced us.
This is his ministry -- he told me he's handed out thousands of crosses.  He even has a website -- -- worth checking out!

The kids and the youth enjoyed the afternoon, too.

They had a great mix of ages, young and old.  We're so glad they rejuvenated their practice of fellowshipping up at the Camp!

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