Monday, October 8, 2012

Whitesburg RA's

Friday afternoon looked to be the perfect start for an overnighter at the camp.  The temps were cool and there was a nice breeze -- perfect for enjoying a roaring good fire!  We were so happy to have the RA's from Whitesburg Baptist Church up at the camp for their annual fall camp out. 
Unfortunately, the skies gave way to clouds some time in the night, and around 4 a.m., the rains moved in!

While it dampened the ground, it didn't appear to dampen their spirits!  The guys had a good time making pinecone 'critters' under the cover of the pavilion . . .
This one reminded me a bit of a pirate!

Up in the main campground, a group worked on taking down tents.

The main campfire circle looked like it had been the scene of a major battle!!  I overheard one leader comment that the scene would make a good anti-litter commercial -- all he needed was a tear running down his face!
I'm still not sure how it got that way, but when I came up and made rounds after the group had gone, there was nary a trace.  They did a *great* job picking up!

While leaders and dads were busy stowing gear and packing up . . . 

The boys were being boys . . . 
Something about sticks and a fire, to be sure!

We enjoyed having the group up and wish the rain hadn't cut their stay short!

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