Monday, July 15, 2013

Bevil's Chapel - Church Picnic

A nice group from Bevil's Chapel made it up to the camp for an afternoon of fishing, fun and food!  The weather was gorgeous -- hard to believe it was the middle of July!

Their first order of business was definitely to head down to the ponds and see what they could get to bite. I don't think the fish were nibbling that afternoon ... a lot of good effort, though!

The young folks that came with them were excited to have some roaming space and were particularly intrigued by Crawdad Creek! After a good bit of exploration, though, hunger set in and they made their way back to the pavilion for some burgers and dogs.

After the meal, one of their members shared a terrific time of devotion. 
Interestingly enough, he'd just been up to the camp in the week prior -- checking the meters!  Small world, isn't it?

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