Monday, November 4, 2013

FBC Huntsville RAs - Fall Camp Out

Another glorious fall weekend--with crisp evening temps perfect for campfires and warm, sunny days--presented itself for the annual fall camp out of the RA's of FBC Huntsville!  Folks started to arrive about midday on Saturday and got right to the business of setting up tents.
A Saturday arrival meant they could get here early enough in the day to have good daylight hours in which to set up tents!  That's always a tough chore for campers in the late fall, when they start on Fridays.  By 5:30 (and now, since DST ended, 4:30) it's hard to see!

No worries for this group, though.  They had about forty dads and lads and they made quick work of getting their overnight accommodations ready and then getting a blazing fire going down at the pavilion camp fire circle.
The chow wagon crew got busy too, especially the evening's grillmaster.  Something about that cool, camp air really brings out the appetite in the fellows!
Their program that night was a *magician* -- we weren't able to stick around to see him, but the setup looked promising!
The guys had a great night and had the added benefit of an extra hour (since they were here when the time "fell" back).  

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