Monday, January 27, 2014

Wood-stacking Work Day

It wasn't the coldest day of the month, but it was close!  Thankfully, that didn't stop our volunteers from the Disaster Relief Team at Willowbrook from heading up to the camp to chop some wood!
Due to weather, the past three or four work days have had to be cancelled and the available fire wood had taken a huge hit.  So we got the fire roaring in the warming station, put on a pot of coffee, and got busy.
Volunteers from New Market Baptist Church, Wells and Gordon, manned the tractors, hauling downed trees up to the cutting stations.
These guys were professionals!
As the logs got cut, a couple of the camp's neighbor's, Susan and Amelia, help stack the wood.

The coolest part of the whole operation was watching the log splitter do its job:
No matter how big the log, the splitter had it handled.

And the warming station certainly got its fair share of traffic . . . 
And rightly so!

Chili was on the menu for lunch -- nothing like a hearty, hot meal after a morning of chopping wood.
And the chili was great -- Chris Wilson did a great job with it -- there wasn't a drop left between two crock pots.

We so appreciate all the help and the great stacks of wood we have now. May the name of Jesus be proclaimed many times over around the camp fires at the camp!

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