Monday, June 2, 2014

Pack 451 Family Camp Out

This pack had never made a visit to the Camp before . . . and the weather Friday was so bad, they cancelled for that day and came up early Saturday, instead.
Luckily, though the ground was a little damp, the sun came out and made for a great camping weekend.  This group had a LOT of activities going on . . .

They started with a thorough briefing to their participants on the camp layout and rules, the safety talk and the Boy Scouts "Leave No Trace" talk.
Once that was taken care of, they had a flag ceremony and a bridging ceremony . . .
And from there, they did a great first aid presentation and even used elements of the obstacle course to help show the boys what to do in different situations!
They also used the obstacle course in the traditional sense . . .
And made sure each boy got a helping hand if he needed a boost!

The families camped both down around the pavilion and up in the top field.
Several of the adults commented they'd never heard of the Camp before.  We hear this a lot!

They had a great time and the boys had the opportunity to learn a lot, as well as enjoy lots of play time (and lots of good food, too).  We hope this pack comes back again, soon!

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