Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Days

I have lived in Madison County most all of my life and don’t remember getting this many days of snow.
Up here on Limestone Ridge it has been quite beautiful this year!

Now I will say that the ground has been wet since about November so some projects have been slow going.

The day we got the deep snow…almost a foot here at the camp..I was not able to make it to our RV in my truck. Oh I tried several times to make it up either hill but there was no success. About the 5th try I got a running start and tried to go around the backside hill but ended up sliding off and all the way down to the woods.

I called a friend of mine with a four wheel drive pick-up to come pull me out and he got stuck in the attempt. Finally with a chain and the tractor we managed to get both of us out and then scraped snow off the roads.

One thing about the snow is it allows you to see further into the woods and things that might have been camoflauged before.

The group of does that frequent the spot right outside of our window were looking for something to eat since the snow had everything covered.
After a while, two of them got tired of digging and took a little break.

The birds were out in force on our feeders and the white landscape really made the cardinals stand out!

You can get an idea of just how deep the snow was as it came up to the bottom rung of the gate. Most of the snow we have gotten in recent history, at least before this year, has been in March--so we may get even more still!