Monday, October 28, 2013

Three Days, Three Groups!

This past weekend (the last in October) was packed with groups and people enjoying wonderful fall weather at the camp!  The first arrivals were the fellows from Boy Scout Troop 8, who were here for wilderness/survival training.
They came in after dark on Friday and got their tents sent up quickly in the main campground and spent their first night around the camp fire.
Saturday morning brought daylight and an opportunity to check out their tent village . . .
 Everyone was busy doing something.  Chopping wood, collecting water . . .
 Working on and in the "kitchen" tarp.
Already water was boiling for Saturday night's dinner!
Which we did come back for!  By that time, all the work had been done and everyone was kind of kicked back and enjoying a lovely Saturday afternoon.
 We took the opportunity to check out the shelters that the boys had gotten set up.

They looked pretty good -- and I daresay, out in the middle of the woods, they'd have been near impossible to find.

One of the utilitarian chests in the kitchen area:
Everything the outdoorsman needs to cook up a tasty meal!  Speaking of which, the spaghetti served up that evening was from an old Italian family recipe and was very, very good!
While we enjoyed our spaghetti, the guys were preparing dessert in the Dutch ovens . . .
 We had some of that, too.  Peach and blueberry cobbler in one bowl and strawberry cobbler in the other.

This was the first time Troop 8 had been out here (Cub Scout Pack 8 had visited several years ago) and they were all so impressed with the Camp, the beautiful setting and how perfect it was for the kind of camping they enjoy.  One of the men mentioned that his favorite part of the day was sitting around the camp fire, after all the boys had packed it in.  Several men agreed!

Talk about opposites . . . our second group arrived on Saturday morning, full of giggles and laughter!  It was the GAs of Hillwood Baptist Church, who were here for the FIRST EVER campout!
First thing they did was get their sleeping quarters up and in order.  They camped out around the pavilion.

Saturday afternoon they enjoyed some great crafts (painted frames and pillowcase prayers), a nature hike, and even some small group Bible study out in the field.
Come dinner time, the girls had really worked up an appetite!  They had roasted hot dogs over the fire and had baked beans and chips and s'mores to round things out!
It was fare fit for a queen!  Or lots of princesses!  And their Children's Minister (Jeff Whitehead), too!  He'd come up to share dinner and a time of worship with these beautiful faces.

 And after dinner was the perfect time for a couple of rounds of checkers, in front of the big fireplace!
 The braver girls sat around the camp fire and did Bible drills from their lessons earlier in the day:
We were so pleased with how excited all the girls were to be camping and how much they each enjoyed it.
And as a service project bonus, they planted a lovely bed of pansies to help us get through the fall and winter with a splash of color!  We certainly look forward to their return and appreciate all their hard work and kind words!

Last up was Cornerstone Baptist Church with their annual church picnic on Sunday afternoon.  By that time, both of the other two groups had already headed out and CBC had the camp to themselves.
We'd asked the GA group to not douse their fires, so it was nothing to re-kindle them both.
And so it didn't take long for the group to congregate around the fire!
 The children headed straight for the playground!  Love this sweet smile!
 And this smile too .... who says swings are just for littles???
And of course, the day was perfect for a little football tossing.  And a little attitude tossing, too!

It would seem that a church picnic is also a good spot for a little church business discussion?
They had a great afternoon and enjoyed the ponds, trails and creeks.  Not to mention a great feast of hamburgers, hot dogs, and loads of home made goodies!

It was a hugely busy weekend ... of the best kind -- filled with lots of happy campers!

Monday, October 21, 2013

MBA Father/Son Camp-Out 2013

What a perfect weekend for camping and the turn-out was great for the annual Father/Son camp-out! There were the usual fun activities such as bow shooting, air rifles, hatchet throwing, sling shots and blow darts thrown in with plenty of food. 

Exploring the trails and fishing took place as well. This year was a bit different as Jeff Whitehead and a group from Hillwood Baptist provided some great music. I overheard several comments throughout the day about what a great addition this was to the event. 

As always Chris Wilson did a great job putting this thing together and Sam Kelly was all over the place taking care of many different things. 

We saw several friends in this group including Evan Wagner and Matthew Hillis. 
Speaking of Evan, we were all over at the obstacle course when it began raining acorns and Evan took a few direct hits. 

The kids went through the course just fine though I don't remember seeing any of the dads take their turn. I think Jeff Whitehead said he went through it....surely there are witnesses. 

We are already looking forward to next year !