Monday, December 23, 2013

Last Activities of 2013

November and December flew by up at the Camp and even though the temps were definitely turning colder, we still had a good number of groups using the camp.  Saturday, December 23, we had a repeat visit from one of our favorite groups, the Sunday School Class fellowship out of New Market Baptist Church.  It was a smaller group this go 'round, but fun nonetheless.  And while the temps were cold, the chili was hot, hot, hot!!

Thanksgiving day, our own family congregated up at the pavilion for a traditional turkey dinner.  We had family in from out-of-town, as well, and it was nice to have all the picnic seating we needed.  By then, we'd made sure the tarp 'walls' were up and kept a fire roaring in the fire place, so it was a cozy meal together.

In December, we got rained out for another work day.  Which was really a shame, the wood supply in the stacks has gotten low.  Hopefully we'll be able to get a crew up here to chop and stack wood before our spring campers start coming in.  

The weekend of December 13 and 14th was bitter cold, so when the guys from Troop 7084 showed up, they immediately pitched tents until the pavilion, taking advantage of the tarp walls.  
They also made good use of the fire place, and quickly put their Dutch ovens to work with a hot and hearty dinner and dessert.
Ever resourceful, the Boy Scouts figured out a way to enjoy their camp time in spite of the very low temps!

Our last group of the year lucked out with much milder temps.  It's amazing how one weekend in December it can be well below freezing, but by the next weekend, temps have reached the 60s!  
The manly-man group from Asbury United Methodist lucked out which such a weekend.

They pitched their tents and roughed it for their stay.  
The smell of steaks cooking over an open campfire was certainly tantalizing.

And that wrapped up the camping activity for 2013.  We're already booking for 2014 and the weekends in March are already filled!