Monday, September 30, 2013

A very *busy* weekend!

This past weekend was very busy for the camp, with three back-to-back events, each with fifty participants or more!  Luckily the weather was fabulous for all three events, spanning four days.

The first event to kick off the weekend was the Martin/Blair wedding.  They got it started on Thursday, getting the pavilion all set up for the festivities.  The bride wanted a rustic, country look, complete with hay bales!

From the seating, to the table arrangements, the lighting, the gift "table" and even the cake stand, the bride definitely succeeded in pulling off the look she was going for.  

It all made for a lovely and fun Friday evening wedding and reception and even included a post-ceremony hay ride around the camp and hot dog and marshmallow roasting over the bonfire!

We wish Mr. and Mrs. Blair a happy and God-blessed life together!

The next event -- on Saturday -- was a family reunion ... one that's taken place up at the camp every year we've been hosts, and who knows how long before that!  This was the Jack's family reunion and it turns out that this year they had the greatest participation they'd had in a while, with fifty family members showing up!

As always, the food was plentiful and they were gracious enough to share with the camp hosts, so I can say with authority, it was good!

They had a good time and enjoyed each others company into the afternoon.

Finally, Sunday afternoon, the camp hosted the third event of the weekend, Lakewood Baptist Church's annual church picnic!

They had a terrific crowd -- one hundred members turned out to enjoy the food, fun, and festivities!  They even set up a sound system for music and a time of worship/devotion after the meal.

While we ran into quite a few members who had been up here before, there were also a few who were seeing the camp for the first time.  It never fails to impress, especially since our rainy, cool summer and lovely fall temps have really kept the camp looking green and pretty.  Brother Terrell Boyd, Lakewood's pastor, has been a good friend to the camp and we always enjoy hosting their church picnic!

Weekends are thoroughly packed with events through the end of November -- this past weekend was a terrific reminder of how much of a blessing this camp is to so many people, in such a variety of ways!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Porch Pals of Cove Baptist

On Friday the camp had the honor of hosting the Porch Pals of Cove Baptist Church.  They laid out a serious spread under the pavilion and served up lots of smiles . . . 

And then they got down to business with the croquet mallets!
I think there may have been some croquet 'smack talk' going on out there.

And there were definitely some enthusiastic sideline cheerleaders!

I think this is the first time I've known of a group to set up croquet in the upper field -- it was a great spot for it and everyone had a great time.  We hope they will come back and enjoy us again!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Farley Youth Picnic

The youth from Farley Community Church picked a pretty spectacular September Saturday for their picnic up at the camp.  They horsed around and enjoyed the weather, ate some good food, and had fun putting the obstacle course to the test . . . 

We always enjoy the happy laughter of young people up here at Camp MACOBA and the group from Farley were no exception to this.  They had a great time and we look forward to seeing them again!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Neeley's Chapel Picnic

Saturday was warm and a tad on the humid side, but that didn't stop the folks from Neeley's Chapel from coming up and enjoying themselves! 
For the most part, since they were here midday, the adults stayed under the shade covering of the pavilion.
But the younger folks braved the heat and hit the monkey bars!

Their grill master cooked up a chuckwagon's worth of hot dogs ... and they smelled good, too.  From the looks of their spread, they ate very well that afternoon!

We were happy to have them up here, enjoying a beautiful, albeit hot, day -- and hope they visit us again soon!