Saturday, November 26, 2011

Return Visitors

It is always a joy to have Sara and Bill Rotenberry's Sunday School Class from New Market Baptist Church up at the camp.  I think this is the third time they have been up since we have been here; it's a regular event.  They generally like to come in the evening, have a little supper, and then do some socializing and participate in some events around the fireplace.  This visit was no different!

We joined them for a bite to eat and a little fellowship.  The potato soup is Denise's favorite, though I went back for more of the chili and the stew.  Either way, the food and desserts they bring are always great!

This is a very friendly group and we have actually visited their Sunday School class at the church a few times.  I know several folks from the church and they all seem to be that way - friendly.  We look forward to their next outing (hopefully this Spring) up at the camp.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Improvements and Projects

It's been our hope to make a major improvement to the camp at least yearly. Last year we had the new iron gate with solar operator installed. This made the camp more secure and made it easier for those who were using the camp to get in and out. This past summer the new deck over Serenity Pond went in, making it easier (and safer) for fishing, especially for our younger visitors, and it provided a nice place for a group gathering or picnic. We're already in the 'vision' stage for next year's project, a team-building obstacle course for children and youth.

We asked our very talented friend, Amberley Gutscher, to help us capture the vision onto paper, and she did a most excellent job:

The thought is that we'd have two of everything, and we'd locate it at the far end of the upper field. This would be a wonderful draw for youth retreats and RA/Challengers groups, as well as boy (and girl) scout troops. We realize we may not be able to complete it by Spring 2012, but we'd like to have made good headway into the project.

A few of the other items on the Camp MACOBA to-do list:

* Move the older picnic tables out into campground area.
* Spray dock with Thompson's Water Seal.
* Spray picnic tables with Thompson's Water Seal.
* Remove large tree blocking trail (High Ridge Trail).
* Replenish firewood supply.
* Clean out shed.
* Take down broken seats in playground area.
* Install plexiglass on wall over stove.
* Move concrete blocks from upper field to the entrance gate and to the fence by pavilion area.
* Remove brush from campground area.
* Burn/clean-up brush pile near pavement (bottom of hill).
* Trim cedar trees (low branches) in new camping area.
* Replace plugs in campground electrical boxes.
* Label breakers in pavilion electrical box.
* Rewire lights in bathrooms so all work off same switch.
* Hook-up ice machine.

Of course this list is not exhaustive (there are *always* others), but this is a good start. There are some other ongoing projects we hope to have wrapped up soon -- a lavatory up in the main campground, and maintenance shed at the top of the upper field.