Monday, February 1, 2016

Winter Work Day 2016

The storms, wind and rain of the preceding year have taken a toll on the trees around the camp and there are downed trunks "ripe for the sawing", so to speak. Which is a good thing, since our wood supply has been well depleted since the last work day!
Saturday was 65-degree January day, which made it a *great* day to cut wood. We had fourteen volunteers make it out to the camp for the work day. Wells Johnston came with his tractor and Polaris and brought a young guy named Josh who did a great job. We put him with Chris Wilson's son and they were busy all morning. 
Dr. Carl brought up the Disaster Relief trailer and a crew. I know Ronnie Smith and a couple of others. Once the system is in place man can they cut some wood like a well oiled machine. Dr Carl was preparing the trees that were down so Wells could drag them up to the pavilion with his tractor.
Once the tree arrived, several were there waiting with chain saws, including Wayne Hillis from Union Grove Baptist.
The would cut the tree up into pieces that would fit into the hydraulic log splitter. Two guys were working the splitter.

Once the logs were split two or three of the guys were stacking. This went on until around 2:00 p.m. with folks rotating in and out of different positions and grabbing a doughnut, or some water in between. 
We have enough wood cut up for the year ! I am not clear on what makes a cord but I heard one of the men say it looked like about 4 cords. We can not thank this crew enough for all their hard work and dedication to the camp. God is good!