Monday, November 12, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 70

For this particular group, this was the very first time several of the leaders had been to the camp.  I noticed that they really had it going on when it came time to setup, as they brought their own gas cook-tops.  I counted three of them.  I am not sure just what all badges were being earned but lots of work was going on.  I did notice, after everyone was gone, at least one service project that had been worked in the Cedar Top Campground area. 


As usual with the scouts, they did such a good job at clean-up one could barely tell they had been here.  One of the leaders made mention that they definitely want to plan another campout and also some service projects for over the winter.  We'll definitely be glad to see them back!

Monday, November 5, 2012

MBA Annual Father-Son Camp Out

It has become a tradition for the MBA Father/Son Camp-Out to be hosted at Camp MACOBA late in the fall, and we always look forward to this event.  The men who put this on are quite experienced and really know what they are doing.  Sam Kelly reminds me of the main character from a TV show that used to come on years ago called MacGyver.  

This year's pumpkin throwing contest went very well and Chris Wilson's group almost pulled it off except for a late comer.  

I had hoped to get video of this event but missed timed it.  They picked a beautiful weekend and many logs went down as well. 

The missionary was a good speaker and held the boys attention as he showed a few slides, played the guitar and spoke of his many flying missions.