Monday, September 21, 2015

Boy Scout Troop 96 - Eagle Project

Boy Scout Troop 96 with leaders Bob and Mary, were up here this weekend to help with an Eagle Project. 
While there was already another group here we always try and accommodate as many groups as we can...we love to see the camp full! 
Out of the potential projects presented, Hayden Langewischk chose the one everyone one else had passed on.....probably because of the work involved. His project, which was to build a dock on Silty Bottom Pond, was a big one but they finished it this weekend. 
I must say they did an outstanding job. They first came in a few weeks ago and cleared the brush and small trees out of the area.  Then they came back and set the posts.  When the troop arrived on Friday, the project looked like this:
When they left on Sunday, however, it looked like this!
Awesome job! This is a huge asset for the camp and the work is of high quality.

We always love to see Troop 96 up here and they have become some of our most frequent visitors. In addition to the building of the dock, they did a little dutch oven badge work, too . . .
It must have been good!

Mary was a little limited as she had a walking boot on...delaying surgery until January before all the activity starts in the new year. We wish her a speedy recovery if we do not see her again before then !

Trail Life Campers

Trail Life has been coming to the camp for several years now and we always love to have them. 
David Collier was among them doing some cooking and who knows what all else. I asked him about how he slept when I saw him on Saturday morning and he said, "Great!" (I am pretty sure David went home to sleep and came back..:) 
They had a great group for their family camp-out and I also got to see friend Ken Boyd. Ken will actually be running for mayor of Huntsville next year and already he had a crowd of folks around him. I am trying to remember...Ken did you say you had already received a million in donations and were a strong second in the polls? Not sure that is exactly what he said; I will have to double-check. 
Anyway the group seemed to enjoy themselves and we hope to have them back again soon.