Monday, September 15, 2014

Girl Scout Troop 264

The only thing more fun than a new group up at the camp, is a new group that's also new to camping! That was the way of it this past weekend, when Girl Scout Troop 264 came out for their inaugural camp out.
A few of the adults came out ahead, to get their tents set up first, but before dark arrived, all the girls and their moms were present, and all tents were up!  Well, almost.
One last arrival and the ladies made short work of getting the tent set up!

Dinner was foil packet meals, cooked over the campfire.  You'd never know these gals weren't pros!

The girls had a great time (if the shouts and laughter were any indication) and even got in a little time on the obstacle course.  
They left early Saturday morning . . . and didn't leave of trace!  We hope they'll visit us again.