Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Young at Heart Picnic

It was the perfect day for a picnic. The skies were clear, the sun was shining, and it was just breezy enough to keep the bugs at bay! The only thing it needed was a light-hearted group of picnickers, and a picnic spread fit for a king! Don't you know we got both up here when Flint River's senior adults, fondly referred to as the Young at Heart group, headed up for for a relaxing, fun afternoon.

Brother Pat got things started off right with some toe-tapping music. And this was not a shy group; they all lifted their voices in song!
Brother Carl Tate even stood up and did a special! He and his wife, Ms. Evelyn, are wonderful people and have a long history with the fellowship of Flint River Baptist Church.
In fact, Ms. Evelyn shared that she'd been commissioned as the clerk for the Madison County Baptist Association, right on this very pavilion, many years ago!
The woman to the far left of Brother Carl? That's Fran Norton. She and her husband, John, were the original hosts of the camp, when it was first purchased! What wonderful, marvelous stories they shared with us.
Along with song and dear friends, there were two tables full of great cooking, too!
These ladies outdid themselves putting on a spread. We were so thankful to be invited to spend time with them that afternoon, and blessed for accepting the offer!