Monday, December 3, 2012

Scout Pack 391

I called Barry with Cub Scout Pack Pack 391 just to get a feel if they were still coming up on the weekend because the SEC Championship game was scheduled to be played on Saturday and he said that they were coming. 
The weather was very nice for their weekend with daytime temperatures in the mid 60's.  Another scout group came up on Friday and planned to merge with them for the weekend.  While so many of the groups camp-out around the pavilion, both of these groups spent most of their time in the main campground area or as we like to call it "Acorn Hill Campground".  
There were badges to be earned and posted was a list of activities scheduled for the weekend.  I was in and out visiting with them throughout the whole weekend.  They had a nice fire going and I believe the boys had to do some cooking on their own.  There was plenty of time for some exploring and games as well.  
This group has been here before and on the exact weekend last year if memory serves me well.  Somewhere in the afternoon on Saturday, around 1:30 I think, a truck pulls up full of equipment and some determined folks jumped out and went to work.  
As I came over to the pavilion it was clear what was going on, especially when I say them set up a satellite dish. They say part of the scouts motto is to always be prepared and they were.  
There was a slight break taken from scout activities as the men gathered around to watch the SEC Championship game.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Boy Scout Troop 70

For this particular group, this was the very first time several of the leaders had been to the camp.  I noticed that they really had it going on when it came time to setup, as they brought their own gas cook-tops.  I counted three of them.  I am not sure just what all badges were being earned but lots of work was going on.  I did notice, after everyone was gone, at least one service project that had been worked in the Cedar Top Campground area. 


As usual with the scouts, they did such a good job at clean-up one could barely tell they had been here.  One of the leaders made mention that they definitely want to plan another campout and also some service projects for over the winter.  We'll definitely be glad to see them back!

Monday, November 5, 2012

MBA Annual Father-Son Camp Out

It has become a tradition for the MBA Father/Son Camp-Out to be hosted at Camp MACOBA late in the fall, and we always look forward to this event.  The men who put this on are quite experienced and really know what they are doing.  Sam Kelly reminds me of the main character from a TV show that used to come on years ago called MacGyver.  

This year's pumpkin throwing contest went very well and Chris Wilson's group almost pulled it off except for a late comer.  

I had hoped to get video of this event but missed timed it.  They picked a beautiful weekend and many logs went down as well. 

The missionary was a good speaker and held the boys attention as he showed a few slides, played the guitar and spoke of his many flying missions.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

FBH - Annual Lads and Dad Camp Out

The day started out grey and quite cool, but that didn't dampen the spirits of this group from First Baptist Huntsville, as they made their way up to the camp for their annual RA's Lads and Dads weekend.  This event is a tradition they've carried on at the camp for many years and it's always fun to be a part of their activities.

Tent got set up lickety-split, and soon the camp ground was filled with all shapes, sizes, and colors of nylon shelters.  
Wes Blake, the organizer, always sets up his tent at the pavilion, since he's the chief cook (and he likes to get up very early to start things off).

Once tents were up, fathers and sons headed up to Megiddo's Field for some planned activities, like archery:

And a little target practice:

Some threw around a little pigskin while waiting for their turn at the other stations:

This year, their speaking missionary came from Kentucky and brought his whole family (his wife and six children).  This was their little abode:
And I think our space is small for two people?  They housed two adults and six children in this setup!  That's true commitment to the Gospel cause!

I headed over to the pavilion after they'd finished up dinner and were settling in to watch/listen to the missionary, Nathan Dorrell (aka "The Crazy Tie Guy") who happened to be a juggler. 
He delivered up a fabulous program -- one that involved all of his family -- including his wife, who worked a Chinese yo-yo.  
He incorporated the Gospel message into his juggling act beautifully.  
The boys ... and their dads ... were totally captivated by his program and Nathan did a marvelous job including the audience in his program, too.

I couldn't help but take a couple of videos of Nathan doing his act and couldn't decide which ones to share, so here they all are:

Nathan juggling knives . . . that's his three year old on the ground beneath him!

As always, we enjoyed having the FBH RAs up here -- it's a wonderful group of dads and sons and we will look forward to their return visit.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cornerstone (Fayetteville) Men and Boys Camp Out

It started out as a camp-out for Pastor Danny's SS Class of youth boys then expanded to any men who wanted to come.  I believe there ended up being 10 in all.  The weather had turned cold and windy so the decision was made to actually set up tents under the pavilion.  This is not the first time folks have gone this route and I am sure it's not the last time.  
Last year I had purchased some heavy duty tarps to hang on the sides for just such conditions, so I hung them up and they ended up being a huge blessing.  Tony was the first to set-up a tent and then quickly moved to getting a nice fire going in the fireplace.  
Brother Danny was the cook for the outing and did a great job on the burgers and dogs.  After supper Brandon and Adam got out the guitars for a little praise and worship music.  Brother Danny led us in a time of devotion talking about a "Band of Brothers".  Everyone then spent a little time making s'mores -- actually there were a couple of different ways they did this.  
By this time 9:00 rolled around so I went ahead and slipped back to the RV while they all stayed up for a couple more hours.  The next morning I headed to work before it was daylight while Brother Danny was about to cook up some breakfast.  Everyone had a good time and commented they should do this more frequently.  The boys especially seemed to enjoy hitting the trails and exploring the camp.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Lighthouse Families Return for a Fishing Day

Lighthouse Baptist is one of our favorite groups to have up at the camp.  We have a long history with them and consider the pastor, Brother Randy, and his wife, Miranda, our close and dear friends.  

On Saturday morning, Brian and Dena came on up early to get everything set-up for the group.  This turned out to be a perfect autumn day; cool in the morning and low 70's at mid-day.  Everyone ate lunch before getting started and Brian was the grillmaster for the day.  
Steve helped everyone with bait and fishing tackle.  Then, once lunch was over, everyone headed on down to the pond.  Not sure how many fish were actually caught but the scenery sure was beautiful.  After awhile folks made their way back to the pavilion for a scavenger hunt to end the days festivities.  We look forward to their return in the future!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pack 228 and a Bonfire

It is rare we have folks up at the camp during the week but that is just what happened on Tuesday night.  It was quite a big group too -- my estimate put it around 100 scouts, leaders and parents. 
Pack 228 came up for about three hours to gather, drink some hot chocolate and eat a few s'mores around the campfire. 
One of the boys was given an award for placing third in a fishing rodeo that they had previously taken part in at the Madison County Lake.  It had rained the day before so it took awhile to get the fire going. 
I was able to meet Robert James, who is the pack's scoutmaster, for the first time. 
It was a lively group and we are always glad to have scout groups up at the camp.  We look forward to their return in the future!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Whitesburg RA's

Friday afternoon looked to be the perfect start for an overnighter at the camp.  The temps were cool and there was a nice breeze -- perfect for enjoying a roaring good fire!  We were so happy to have the RA's from Whitesburg Baptist Church up at the camp for their annual fall camp out. 
Unfortunately, the skies gave way to clouds some time in the night, and around 4 a.m., the rains moved in!

While it dampened the ground, it didn't appear to dampen their spirits!  The guys had a good time making pinecone 'critters' under the cover of the pavilion . . .
This one reminded me a bit of a pirate!

Up in the main campground, a group worked on taking down tents.

The main campfire circle looked like it had been the scene of a major battle!!  I overheard one leader comment that the scene would make a good anti-litter commercial -- all he needed was a tear running down his face!
I'm still not sure how it got that way, but when I came up and made rounds after the group had gone, there was nary a trace.  They did a *great* job picking up!

While leaders and dads were busy stowing gear and packing up . . . 

The boys were being boys . . . 
Something about sticks and a fire, to be sure!

We enjoyed having the group up and wish the rain hadn't cut their stay short!