Monday, December 3, 2012

Scout Pack 391

I called Barry with Cub Scout Pack Pack 391 just to get a feel if they were still coming up on the weekend because the SEC Championship game was scheduled to be played on Saturday and he said that they were coming. 
The weather was very nice for their weekend with daytime temperatures in the mid 60's.  Another scout group came up on Friday and planned to merge with them for the weekend.  While so many of the groups camp-out around the pavilion, both of these groups spent most of their time in the main campground area or as we like to call it "Acorn Hill Campground".  
There were badges to be earned and posted was a list of activities scheduled for the weekend.  I was in and out visiting with them throughout the whole weekend.  They had a nice fire going and I believe the boys had to do some cooking on their own.  There was plenty of time for some exploring and games as well.  
This group has been here before and on the exact weekend last year if memory serves me well.  Somewhere in the afternoon on Saturday, around 1:30 I think, a truck pulls up full of equipment and some determined folks jumped out and went to work.  
As I came over to the pavilion it was clear what was going on, especially when I say them set up a satellite dish. They say part of the scouts motto is to always be prepared and they were.  
There was a slight break taken from scout activities as the men gathered around to watch the SEC Championship game.