Monday, November 23, 2015

A Terrific Finish

The Camp has really been blessed over the past few years by visiting Boy Scout troops and their young men seeking to complete Eagle Scout projects. One of those scouts is Cody Smith of BS Troop 633.  
Cody undertook a project which we've wanted completed for a while. There's a small spring that runs across Beech Bottom Trail . . .  
It never dries up and in fact, after a good rain, can be pretty substantial! It's home to minnows and frogs (and who knows what else), so it's a sweet little spot, but it's not easy to cross on foot, at least not without getting wet!  Cody chose to engineer a foot bridge to go over the spring, and he did a great job drawing up plans, raising the funds, and working with and supervising the guys from 633 to get it installed this past weekend!

We came upon the group at their lunch break (which was the perfect time to get a group shot):
But they quickly finished up and headed back down the trail to work.
The group worked well together and it seemed like everyone had a specific job to do. We were told that they chose their troop number based on Matthew 6:33: But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. That's a group you want to have hanging around!

The finished project looks absolutely professional . . .

We are so grateful to Cody and the guys and families of BSA Troop 633 and hope they'll be back soon to enjoy their handiwork.

We hope you'll come down and enjoy their handiwork, too!

Monday, October 26, 2015

Camp MACOBA Baby Shower

We may have had another first here at Camp MACOBA. Sunday afternoon the McNeals and a few others showed up to make preparations for a baby shower. 
There was plenty of food, and some very interesting decorations (but I have to admit, a camo-shower for a baby boy at the camp is a great idea)!
The temperature was just about right and the rain held off so everything went well. For a few of the folks it was their first trip to the camp.
I spent a several minutes mingling with the group before heading back to church.

FBC Huntsville's RA Campout

The First Baptist Huntsville RA's have been coming up to the camp for a long time. I was able to spend a little time with Wesley Blake who was making his last trip. Wesley said that best he could recall this was his 14th year. 
Charles and some other guys I spoke with said they had not yet put together a plan for when he would not be with them....seeing how Wesley is not only the set-up man but also the cook. Things went well with a couple of tarps hanging up to block off the breeze. 

The boys made their way to the outdoor recreation area where they participated in some air rifle practice and a bout of archery. Nick Farrow from Willowbrook was kind enough to help the boys out with the bow and arrows.
They did have the Christian juggler and entertainer/missionary and his family with them again this year. There was a little late night flashlight tag and then folks made it to their tents.

Girl Scout Troop 446

The girls were very active and all over the camp this past Friday night. 
There were crafts and food and somewhere around 50 girls out and about. They even went on a trail hike in the dark and finished up with a night time trunk or treat.
This photo is a little hard to see, but the trunk was covered in 'spider web', with a giant spider heading towards a giant fly!
They did not spend the night (this time) but it appears that everyone had a great time.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Meadow Drive Church Picnic

Saturday, the third day of October, was not a particularly beautiful day -- not the kind you associate with early October.  It was grey, wet, and very cool -- but that didn't stop the group from Meadow Drive Baptist from making their first trip out to the camp for a church picnic!

Early we hung some tarps around the pavilion, and their pastor, Steve Andrews, got a nice fire going in the fireplace.  As folks started rolling in, the rain stopped long enough for them to head down to the ponds to do some fishing:
From the looks of it, the fish were biting just fine!
Then the rain started up again and they gathered under the pavilion -- mostly on the end with the fire place - and enjoyed some food and fellowship. 
Including a game of checkers . . .
All in all, it was the perfect day for just hanging out in front of the fireplace!
They probably left a little sooner than they'd originally planned, but they left the place spic and span and we hope they'll come back again soon -- we'll try to have some prettier weather arranged for them!

Monday, September 21, 2015

Boy Scout Troop 96 - Eagle Project

Boy Scout Troop 96 with leaders Bob and Mary, were up here this weekend to help with an Eagle Project. 
While there was already another group here we always try and accommodate as many groups as we can...we love to see the camp full! 
Out of the potential projects presented, Hayden Langewischk chose the one everyone one else had passed on.....probably because of the work involved. His project, which was to build a dock on Silty Bottom Pond, was a big one but they finished it this weekend. 
I must say they did an outstanding job. They first came in a few weeks ago and cleared the brush and small trees out of the area.  Then they came back and set the posts.  When the troop arrived on Friday, the project looked like this:
When they left on Sunday, however, it looked like this!
Awesome job! This is a huge asset for the camp and the work is of high quality.

We always love to see Troop 96 up here and they have become some of our most frequent visitors. In addition to the building of the dock, they did a little dutch oven badge work, too . . .
It must have been good!

Mary was a little limited as she had a walking boot on...delaying surgery until January before all the activity starts in the new year. We wish her a speedy recovery if we do not see her again before then !

Trail Life Campers

Trail Life has been coming to the camp for several years now and we always love to have them. 
David Collier was among them doing some cooking and who knows what all else. I asked him about how he slept when I saw him on Saturday morning and he said, "Great!" (I am pretty sure David went home to sleep and came back..:) 
They had a great group for their family camp-out and I also got to see friend Ken Boyd. Ken will actually be running for mayor of Huntsville next year and already he had a crowd of folks around him. I am trying to remember...Ken did you say you had already received a million in donations and were a strong second in the polls? Not sure that is exactly what he said; I will have to double-check. 
Anyway the group seemed to enjoy themselves and we hope to have them back again soon.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Boy Scout Troop 96 Weekend

This boy scout group has been coming up to the camp for several years now and we are always glad to have them. 
The tents started out scattered out from the pavilion but when the rain came all but one under up underneath...along with a few hammocks as well. 

The boys played a few rounds of checkers...went for a hike and did a craft or two. 
The big thing, however, was a cooking contest. 
Now we're not sure who actually won, but the food did look edible!

Mary Breeden, one of the troop leaders, said she'd never made it down to the Secret Creek before...I hope she had the chance on this trip. This group may just get the top prize when it comes to cleaning up the place before they leave! As always, we look forward to their next trip.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Shipps Baptist Camps Out

What a great group we had up at the camp this weekend -- and what a great weather weekend for them. Johnny Gurley and a few other guys from Shipps, came up early Thursday and eventually they all arrived by dark.
Of course they had fun in "The Secret Creek"; this has become the favorite go-to place in the camp.
Johnny and company made quick work of a tree we had across Beech Bottom Trail and we are very thankful for that. There was hiking, and corn hole and several fishing trips.
One of the guys caught 5 or 6 bass and others caught a few bluegill. 

The trip started out on an interesting note when Angela Gurley discovered a live possum in an empty garbage can that was trapped. I was not anywhere close when she found it, but I'm sure there was a scream or two let out.
I noticed there were several plumbers in the group one of which advised me the way to go on a future project. The pastor Sam Gulley came up for a bite to eat and hung around for a bit Friday night. We look forward to having them back in the near future!