Monday, June 15, 2015

Willowbrook's Father/Son and Father/Daughter Weekend

Willowbrook pulled off a great weekend of camping, starting off with their Father/Son Campout on Friday overnight into Saturday.
The guys came in and got tents set up in the main campground and enjoyed an evening around the campfire.

Saturday morning found them out at the obstacle course:
And also at the various stations, working on blow dart skills, archery, hatchet throwing, and air rifle practice!

At lunchtime, the father/daughter group came in and both groups enjoyed lunch and a very personable missionary who spoke to them all.

The fathers and daughters also took an afternoon of going through the stations, after setting up their tents.  They had a fabulous time and while the numbers were close, there were 75 in the father/son group and 80 in the father/daughter group!

We hope to have *both* groups back again soon!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Cub Scout Pack 391

It may have been a return visit for the boys of Pack 391, but they found ways to experience a couple of 'firsts' on their visit!  They came in on Friday afternoon and got settled in.  The campground is always at its best with the happy sounds of kids having fun and the smell of campfire smoke in the air!
They got off to a slow start Saturday morning, sleeping in a bit, but by early afternoon, they were ready for a guided hike down Beech Bottom Trail.  This particular group had never seen the Secret Creek before, so they were ready to go.  Once we got down to the creek, their eyes went wide . . . and shoes and sock came off in a flash -- especially when their tour guide went right on in!
They splashed and played and had a marvelous afternoon in the creek waters.  They even tried their hands (literally) at catching crawdads, but no one was quiet brave fast enough! We relayed the story of some of the youth guys who visited the camp weeks prior, who caught several crawdads and grilled and ate them!  That certainly sparked interest from the younger boys!
Soon the guys were traveling across, up and down the creek -- shirts were off and they were soaked from head to toe -- but everyone was having a marvelous time.  
The tour guides needed to head back, but the guys opted to stay down at the water and continue to play!  Truthfully, there isn't a better place to be on a warm summer afternoon.
The next morning, as we headed out to church, we were amused to see that the boys had once again headed down to the creek for some water play!  One of their leaders informed us that not only did they go back down, but they also caught their own crawdads and then cooked and ate them -- hmmm, we wonder if that counts toward a survival training badge?

So the Secret Creek is no longer a secret to Pack 391 -- we hope they'll be back soon to enjoy it all over again!