Monday, March 30, 2015

Trail Life Troop 1613 & American Heritage Girls 3110

This past weekend we enjoyed the company from not one, but two groups!  The first was the Trail Life Troop 1613 that meets out at Southside Baptist Church. The guys arrived late Friday afternoon -- just in time to see the end of the warm temps we'd been enjoying all week and to get in some 'polar' camping!  In fact, it was so chilly Saturday morning, it took a while for folks to start stirring.  It was too cold to abandon those warm sleeping bags!
Along with the guys from Trail Life, we also had Troop 3110 from American Heritage Girls who also meet at Southside. 
A lot of the families are involved with both groups, so the guys graciously allowed the girls to piggyback on their reservation.  The guys just stayed the one night, but the girls were working on a badge that required a two-night stay.  Their leader told us that since there was ice on the ground Saturday morning, she'd also be looking for a polar camping badge for the girls to earn!
Friday evening there was some friendly girls vs. the boys camp cooking competition. Each group fixed a dinner and then had judges decide which was best (1) tasting, (2) looking, and (3) most original!  Not quite sure who the winner was, but both groups did an outstanding job of serving up camp grub!

Saturday the groups enjoyed a variety of activities including hiking the trails and some archery instruction.  While they were hiking down near the creek, one of the girls spotted a 'critter' on the ground, so of course they wanted to bring it back to show us . . .
A fuzzy, little tricolored (maybe?) bat . . . whom they named "Cheeseball".  The cold was probably a bit too much for him and he ended up on the ground.  By the time the girls brought him back up to the campground, he'd warmed up a bit and wanted to get moving.  They let him go on an appropriate (?) tree.

The girls also performed a service project and repainted all the electric boxes in the campground.  
They're now a very bright orange and highly visible!  We really appreciate the girls taking care of this.

Despite the cooler temps and a little frozen precipitation on Friday night, both groups had a wonderful time.  We hope they'll make another trip out, and soon!