Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Family Camping Party

This group, mostly families from Farley Community Church, had the right idea!  They started pulling in on Friday, and by Saturday afternoon, they had the campground looking like a filled campground!  
A couple families stayed in pop-up campers, one pulled a (new) trailer camper, and one had a 5th wheel camper.  The rest of the families had tents all over the place . . .
We walked up during dinner time on Saturday evening (of course!) and there was all kinds of cooking going on -- folks using Dutch ovens for all kinds of foods and even grilling steaks.  We had to laugh -- even
with all that cooking and eating going on, one of the ladies was already looking forward to cinnamon rolls in the Dutch oven on Sunday morning!
There was even some sort of spit rigged over the fire and we wondered if they were going to have a pig roast!  But alas, it was just for drying boots.

Lots of happy kids road their bikes and hiked and played.  The families spent most of the day Saturday and Sunday playing in the creek, splashing and having fun.  They even brought and setup a volleyball net out in the upper field . . .
And then donated it to the camp -- we're very grateful for that addition!

This little fellow may not be the youngest camper we've ever had up here, but at six months old, he's got to be close!
We were very happy to have this gang up here for Memorial Day weekend -- they are welcome any time!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Boy Scout Troop 70

The weather wasn't perfect, but that didn't stop the scouts from Troop 70 from having a great time!
These guys are serious about their camping . . . and their cooking!
Those are three propane-powered griddle stations!!  They're also serious about their cleaning stations:
It rained off and on throughout the weekend, and the temps stayed very cool, but other than a few who took occasional refuge under the pavilion (with a fire going, I might add), the boys were off in the field, playing tag, tossing the frisbees (we found disc frisbees *everywhere*), and hiking the trails.
The fellows of Troop 70 are long time visitors to the camp and we're glad they enjoyed their stay and didn't let a little rain hinder their fun!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Whitesburg RAs

For the last two springs, this annual meeting of the Whitesburg RAs has been rained out . . . and it looked like that might be the case for this past weekend, as well.  
But their fearless leader, John Crocker, rolled the dice and decided to go ahead with their plans.  And do you know, not a single drop of rain fell?

The boys (and dads/leaders) had a great weekend - the temps were mild and the skies were clear.  They setup up behind the pavilion and enjoyed a roaring fire on Friday night.  Then on Saturday, they hit the obstacle course:
Did a craft:

This particular craft centered around Psalm 27:1.  The Lord is my light and my salvation.  Whom shall I fear?  The theme of the weekend was about not being afraid (hence the pose on the rope climb).  They also took took the trails for some hiking.

This is such a great group of young guys.  It's always an pleasure to have them visit the camp.  Glad they were able to make it work (and the rain held for once)!