Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Pastor's Fish Fry - 2013

We had a nice day for this year's MBA Pastor's Fish Fry and pretty good group of folks up here for it.

A nice crowd of pastors and wives -- and the food was terrific, as always!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Obstacle Course Workout

We were very grateful to have a group from UAH come out and give the obstacle course a good working over.  There were about nine guys and one gal ... and all of them went successfully went through the course.  One of the guys, Josh, had a point-of-view camera that he *wore* through the course . . .
Josh went back through the course and made the best time -- twenty-nine seconds is the new time to beat!

Swingset Crew

We had a good work crew up at the camp this past weekend. The frame of the old swing set was fading fast and the camp's committee decided it was time to replace it with two sturdier frames.

 Looking good, guys!  The posts for both sets of swings are now set and looking great!  They need about two weeks and then the swings will be reattached. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

Farley Men's Group

This past weekend we had a great group come in from Farley Baptist Church for a men's camp out. We were glad the rain had come and gone and the forecast for the rest of the weekend was dry. The guys came in ready for some real primitive camping. 

 They didn't just pitch tents, they hauled their gear down to the Hidden Creek and really roughed it!
Originally they had planned to leave early Saturday morning for a canoe trip -- but due to flooding, they had to cancel.  So instead, they spent the day down at the creek, splashing and having a great time!  I've no doubt they'll be back in the near future.

Bethlehem Baptist RAs -- Lacey's Spring

Early in the day on Friday there was rain all over the radar and moving this way. We did get a sprinkle or two at the camp before lunch, but most of the rain went north and south. When Richard Hogan and the Bethlehem crew arrived it was a very pleasant 76 degrees.
The group wasted no time and got to work pitching tents.  Then the cook got to work as the rest went out to do some exploring.
Come Saturday morning they were all ready to jump on the service project before heading on over to the ponds to do some fishing. They made quick work of cleaning up the obstacle course area and then proceeded to try their hand at the obstacle course. It took some time to figure out the best way over the wall but with a little help most all made it. Hey even one of the adults did it! They had some fun and a few needed a break before making the hike to the ponds.
Everyone went back to the pavilion for something to drink and a time of devotion led by one of the men in the group. About an hour later most of the group made their way to the ponds where they spent the rest of the morning until about lunch time.
I managed to get a picture of the group minus one as one of the dads had to leave early. I heard rumor that one of the dads stayed up telling some stories late into the night, I bet that was interesting. No one in this group had ever been to the camp before. Everyone seemed to enjoy their stay and we look forward to seeing them again down the road.