Saturday, November 26, 2011

Return Visitors

It is always a joy to have Sara and Bill Rotenberry's Sunday School Class from New Market Baptist Church up at the camp.  I think this is the third time they have been up since we have been here; it's a regular event.  They generally like to come in the evening, have a little supper, and then do some socializing and participate in some events around the fireplace.  This visit was no different!

We joined them for a bite to eat and a little fellowship.  The potato soup is Denise's favorite, though I went back for more of the chili and the stew.  Either way, the food and desserts they bring are always great!

This is a very friendly group and we have actually visited their Sunday School class at the church a few times.  I know several folks from the church and they all seem to be that way - friendly.  We look forward to their next outing (hopefully this Spring) up at the camp.

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