Thursday, August 29, 2013

Troop 96 ... Survival Weekend

We're always very excited when we have repeat groups up at the Camp, and that especially holds true for the folks of Troop 96, who came up late Friday afternoon for a weekend of survival training!
Once again, the weather was simply wonderful and very mild for mid-August camping.  All our summer campers have really lucked out with that this year.
Friday night was a relatively tame night.  Tents pitched around (and under) the pavilion and a campfire going and whatnot.
There were several boys that were "new" to the survival/wilderness training and they were very excited.
Saturday, after some training and being passed a few basic supplies, the boys headed out in three groups to set up their shelters for the next day and a half.  One group headed down to Serenity Pond and made use of the dock to help set up their structure.
Of course, the mosquitoes were also probably very happy to see them!

The second group headed off to a clear spot in the woods off High Ridge Trail.  

A bit of a slope to this one.  But it looks like all their supplies are 'high' and dry.

The last group headed down to Crawdad Creek to set up shop.

Now this is my idea of an 'air' mattress!

They had a marvelous time and the boys were very good-natured.  As always, they did a fabulous job cleaning up and definitely fulfilled the Boy Scout outdoor code by being clean in their outdoor manners, being careful with fire and being considerate in the outdoors.  Thank you for visiting, Troop 96 -- come back again soon!

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