Monday, October 14, 2013

Hawkins/Mohler Wedding

This has been the fall for weddings up at the camp.  This past weekend, the camp had the pleasure of being the venue for both the wedding and reception of the Hawkins/Mohler wedding party!

The families did a fabulous job in decorating the pavilion.  They really wanted the rustic, outdoorsy look, but also wanted the 'touches' that make it a wedding.  
The candle chandelier was a clever touch!
As was the welcome station.

The bride wanted to save the pavilion space for the reception.  They decorated the mantel . . .
And even had a sweet gift table set up.
And even the table decorations were cute, with burlap-covered mason jar votives, embellished with boots:
But where was the wedding going to take place??

They were really thinking outside the box on this one!  They set up square hay bales in a semi-circle out in front of the pavilion . . . 
Such a clever move and it really looks terrific.  At the end of the 'aisles' they set up end caps of tree trunks. This was a fun way to make Kleenex handy to guests:
And they dressed up the opening in the fence for a very sweet focal point of the wedding, too.
We wish a happy and blessed lifetime for the happy couple!

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