Monday, April 13, 2015

Flint River Baptist Community Group

Even though we'd had a little rain overnight and on Friday morning, and the temps were going to dip down into the 40's on Saturday night, that didn't stop the Community Group and their families (and some youth, too) from Flint River from heading to the camp!  
They arrived right around 4:00 and immediately there were tents going up, folks headed down to the ponds with fishing poles, and some *serious* cooking going on!
Y'all . . . that really was *serious* cooking.
I think it may have been the first time there's been a shrimp boil up here. Isn't that gorgeous?? We were so tickled to be invited over for dinner and then Bill, the group's coordinator, also asked if we'd speak a little bit about the camp and about our ministry.  We were delighted!
There was a good sized group that was there for dinner and then it whittled down a little to the serious campers.
And campfire lovers! We have it on good authority that a significant number of the adults spent the entire night around the campfire . . . who needs a tent??

It was the perfect weekend for camping in the elements and suffice it to say, they had a great time. We hope the camp made some new friends!

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