Monday, June 15, 2015

Willowbrook's Father/Son and Father/Daughter Weekend

Willowbrook pulled off a great weekend of camping, starting off with their Father/Son Campout on Friday overnight into Saturday.
The guys came in and got tents set up in the main campground and enjoyed an evening around the campfire.

Saturday morning found them out at the obstacle course:
And also at the various stations, working on blow dart skills, archery, hatchet throwing, and air rifle practice!

At lunchtime, the father/daughter group came in and both groups enjoyed lunch and a very personable missionary who spoke to them all.

The fathers and daughters also took an afternoon of going through the stations, after setting up their tents.  They had a fabulous time and while the numbers were close, there were 75 in the father/son group and 80 in the father/daughter group!

We hope to have *both* groups back again soon!

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