Monday, April 11, 2016

Sunday School Class Fellowship - New Market Baptist

It was really terrific Saturday for an afternoon/evening of fellowship on the pavilion. And we were so happy that one of our favorite groups were here to enjoy it!
Mrs. Sara made a terrific pot of chili and some hot cider -- perfect for a spring evening where the temps dip down into the 50's -- and Mr. Bill had a roaring fire going in the fireplace!
Dinner was jolly, with everyone 'camping out' by the fireplace.  
For dessert they had a camping favorite . . . s'mores!  Everyone got in on the marshmallow roasting fun!!
After dinner, we took one of Mrs. Sara's famous Bible quizzes. 
May I just say that her quizzes let you know how little you actually know about the good Book??! After the quiz, we played a funny game, and that wrapped up the evening.  They had a great time of fellowship and we love it that they always include us in their fun!

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