Monday, March 8, 2010

Sprucing it up!

Today was a great day to be outside and outside I was. You never know what to expect in March but today was tee-shirt weather with the temps in the high 60’s. There is no shortage of things to do up here at Camp Macoba and today I started trimming back the trees from the roads. The low road appeared to need it the most so that is where I began. The road into the camp splits at the hill. The high road of course goes up the paved hill and then splits again while the low road goes around and slightly above the lower field. It then goes up and to the right by the Pavilion. Both roads run into each other eventually.

I filled the trailer up three different times and if you look at the pile one might think a little work took place today, which it did, but that really did not even scratch the surface of what lies ahead.

This is the start of what just might be a mighty big bonfire!

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