Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Willowbrook Camping Weekend

I believe the date had been in the book ever since last year at this time. Willowbrook has been coming up to the camp at least twice a year for the last couple of years anyway maybe more. We made preparations as the bathrooms were cleaned, stocked and ready to go. Sam Kelly was the contact person listed for this outing. I had never met Sam until my involvement with Camp Macoba. He really has a heart for the camp and is an avid outdoors man. Word is out that he is a pretty good cook as well.

Folks started arriving Friday afternoon. I made my way up there and met several of the guys. We talked about the camp and I mentioned that the new website for the camp had been launched:

I saw one go by on the four wheeler and another brought his motorcycle. They went about collecting fire wood for the event. This particular one was connected to Royal Ambassador's (RAs) and was labeled as a "Lad and Dad" outing.

There was a good bunch of guys and I met so many that I can't remember their names....I should have written them down. I know that Chris Wilson came up after I had left. Darren Ferree and Michael McNabb were there and involved as well. Speaking of Chris, he is another guy I met through Camp Macoba. He's a gentleman and really has a heart for the camp. As a matter of fact, a few weeks ago he was voted by the MBA Executive Board to chair the Camp Macoba Committee.

I went back up there later and Sam had brought a log splitter which was making quick work of an otherwise difficult task. There were some logs being placed on the splitter that I just knew would jam it up, but didn't. Many of the guys were helping out stacking wood including some of the boys, one which rolled up a log that was as big as he was!

Saturday morning before work I got up early....4:30 and was going to make a giant pot of coffee for everyone. Sure that I would be the first one up, I ambled over to the camp and looked for the coffee pot but the coffee was already going and Sam was up by the fireplace. We talked for a bit and I made my way back to the RV before everyone began stirring about.

The next morning when I returned, everyone was gone and they did an excellent job at cleaning up the place. The official count came in at 44 for this outing and there probably would have been more had the temperatures not dipped down into the 30's early Saturday morning!

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Denise :) said...

This was a fun weekend; it made me smile to have the woods filled with boys! :)