Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Marching forward.

Back on Tuesday of this past week we had our first "official" Camp MACOBA committee meeting. Present were Chris Wilson (Chair), Rob Peavy, Sam Kelly, Andy Dobbs and myself. It lasted a couple of hours and we covered several issues. The main goal of this meeting was to set up priorities for the work day coming up on Saturday May 1st. Also several questions were addressed that have come from over a period of several months of people asking. We made some decisions on a few of them and others were tabled until the full committee is able to come together. It was a productive meeting which accomplished the main goal, with everyone making substantial contributions. It is going to be such a blessing working with such a great group of men with a heart for the Camp.

On Thursday progress was made on clearing out the main road coming into the camp. Three large trailer loads were hauled to the burn pile as the road was cleared out all the way up to the gate. Speaking of the gate, we are currently trying to raise enough money to replace the current gate with a more secure and user-friendly one. Preparations were made for the group from Whitesburg that was scheduled to come in on Friday afternoon but the weather caused a cancellation.

Providentially the campground avoided being hit by any of the severe weather that came through the county on Saturday, though there were some limbs that had to be cleared off of the roads. Wayne Miller and his group from Disaster Relief came in on Saturday morning to cut down three dead trees. These guys really knew what they were doing and made quick work of this project. Bobby Smith and Bob Gordan, who are from Southside Baptist, were also there as part of the Disaster Relief Team with Wayne. The crew finished up at about 9:45 and no sooner had they loaded up then the rain began to fall.

Sunday a group came in for a Sunday service and fellowship. The Pastor's name is Paul Little and the information sheet he filled out says the group is called Faith Community Fellowship. We had already left for church when they arrived, but they were still there when we returned so some time was spent talking with Pastor Paul and a few others who were still present. They reported there were 55 present for worship; they had a beautiful morning to hold outside services.

This week will be spent (among other things) preparing for the workday on Saturday. We are hoping for a good turnout and lunch will be provided....plans are to even cook up some fish to go along with the hamburger and hot dogs!

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