Monday, April 12, 2010

Another busy weekend.

I was privileged to be a part of the MBA Leadership Team that went to Shocco this past Thursday & Friday.

Upon returning home I rushed out to the camp to prepare for a group coming over from Mable Hill Baptist. It was another father/son event and I was looking forward to spending some time with these guys. Wednesday I had met Chris Hester at the church, as we took care of the necessary business part of this outing.

Chris's brother, Shane, and his son were the first to arrive shortly after 4:30, and went right to work setting up their tent.

Chris says there is nothing slack about Shane, he gets on with it. Chris and the others began arriving a few minutes later. I believe when it was all said and done, there were sixteen total in the group. Heath Quick came up for a while, but returned to his home for sleeping accommodations. Heath is a good guy and we have known each other for a long time now. I used to go to church with him at Flint River. Actually his brother, Mitch, was also one of the ones camping out.

Let's see I also met Chris Lindsey, Mark Clark, and Jo Jo Clark. It seemed the boys had a good time fishing, riding around the camp and having an air rifle competition. Shoot, Chris's son had one of those high dollar air rifles that looked like a 30/30 with scope and all. Heath's son Bryce told me he caught a bass weighing about a pound and a half and most all the kids caught some bluegill. One of them was having such a good time I heard him say he was never leaving the camp!

Chris is my kind of guy.... one that loves the Lord and an avid outdoorsman. There was food to be had and a bunch of chicken cooked on the grill on Thursday night. They talked into the night around the campfire which is really good therapy sometimes. There were no planned events just a time of rest and relaxation. Mitch might have set a record on how fast a tent can be set up and taken down but another one of the guys had everyone beat on tent size. I heard several comments about a palace and the Taj Mahal.

I went out and spent some time with the last two guys as they packed everything up. By lunch time all were gone and as they were pulling out I heard some chatter about meeting up later to go fishing.

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