Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mayfair Youth Group

The sun had not quite set yet as I passed through the gate at the camp. I was looking forward to meeting Doug Smith who was the group's leader. We had spoken a couple of times on the phone but had never met.

As I topped the hill a couple was making their way back toward the ponds so I pulled over. It was Doug and his wife. We talked for a few minutes, took care of the necessary paperwork and then I parked and we all made our way to the ponds. The whole group, twelve in all, were fishing around the top pond. I walked around meeting folks and taking a few pictures on my own. One of the guys actually was doing the same thing with two different cameras. I asked if anyone had caught any fish and they pointed to a lone guy all the way at the other end of the pond..seems he had some luck.

After a few minutes Doug made his way down to the loner right about the time he caught a small bass. I watched as one of the fish tricked a particular young lady a couple of times by snatching her cricket when she wasn't looking.

Doug and his wife made their way back to this end and we spoke for a few more minutes. It seems that this outing was just a getaway to have a little time to relax and fellowship and nothing was really structured. He had been out to the camp before and really thought it was a great place to come...come to think of it so do I ! They were only staying for one night but you never know with young folks just how long of a night it would be.

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