Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wall Highway rained out . . .

Josh Harris from Wall Highway had called me early last week to schedule an overnight outing for some of the youth from the church. Everything was set and scheduled. The weather forecast had a chance of showers for Friday and Saturday but it usually does this time of year. I told Josh that I would see them around 9:00 a.m. on Saturday morning.

As I was entering the camp on Saturday morning, it was apparent that a storm had come through. Even before entering the gate I had to stop several times and clear some large limbs that were blocking the road. Not long after easing down the road I noticed there were no vehicle tracks of any kind.

Upon topping the hill, besides stopping several more times and sawing some limbs off large branches that had fallen, I could see that two relatively large trees had fallen near the pavilion area. One was actually touching the pavilion on the left side but no damage was done. Also there was no one in the campground or anywhere else for that matter. The lower road was blocked as well so I took care of it on my way out.
I later e-mailed Josh and he told me the story. He said that they had gotten there in the early evening and set up tents. No too long afterwards, the rain began to fall and the wind really picked up. They took refuge under the pavilion, which provided only limited shelter, as the rain was blowing right through it! He said they later went back and took their drenched tent up and headed back out without staying the night. The worse of it must have come later because they could not have driven over the limbs I picked up on my way in. Sorry I missed them. He said they may try and give it another shot later on in the year.

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