Sunday, August 1, 2010

Busy & busier!

What a week it has been. Last week Denise was bitten by a spider. Now we live out in the woods, but where does she get a bitten? At work! That day we thought it was no big deal. It looked and felt much like a mosquito bite. The next day it changed and produced a dark center, so we went to see the doc who gave her an oral and topical antibiotic. A re-check appointment was made for Monday. Well it had changed quite a bit by that time. When the doctor came in and saw that her leg was swollen and the effected area was bigger than a large dinner plate, he was caught off guard. He immediately admitted her to the hospital, which is where we spent the next three nights. Finally they found something on day three that had some effect. He told us that it looked like a brown recluse bite, for which there is no known treatment. Anyway I stayed up there with her until finally she was released on Thursday morning. We had great nurses and techs, but I was sure glad to get out of there. So now we are back home and everything is gone except the center, which is the size of a quarter. We pray that it will just go away...we will see. Denise has two doctor appointments for Wednesday, one for the bite and the other for her foot. We hope she begins physical therapy this week.

One thing great about ministry is the people that you meet. Last week, in the continuing effort to prepare for the big day coming up on September 18, I met with a great guy from First Baptist Huntsville. I hope to get to know him better in the future. He is a Christian businessman with a heart for the camp and has pledged to help. So far that makes two businesses on board.

I spent about four hours up at the camp cutting grass on Friday. I did not get it all done but put a dent in it. Today I took a mower up there that was donated from Restoring The Church Ministries. Now we have two in case one breaks down.

There is a lot of planning and logistics that goes into a day like the upcoming Jamboree, but I am very encouraged by how things have been coming together in the beginning. Next week will be filled with meetings with camp directors and possibly RA leaders, touring other camps, meeting with possible sponsors, doctors appointments, therapy sessions and the first mail-out of the Jamboree flyers. Oh yeah, and Lighthouse is having their 15th Anniversary coming up this month, so I will be making sure that letter gets out tomorrow (which will be no small undertaking) and then there is something called my job to deal with as well.

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