Saturday, April 9, 2011

SS Class Fellowship - Repeat Visit

Today Camp MACOBA had the pleasure of being the host site for a returning group -- Ms. Sara's SS class of New Market Baptist Church. Their last visit had been late in the fall of 2010, and Todd and I were able to join in their fellowship fun. (See HERE for that entry.)

This year, unfortunately, Todd was on shift for the occasion, so I had the group to myself!

They had a pretty decent turnout of about 14, which makes for a good variety of covered dishes and quick conversation! They also had a lovely afternoon -- warm and sunny -- and an evening that cooled off nicely (but didn't get COLD). They didn't need a fire in the fire place this time around!

Ms. Sara is no ordinary SS teacher -- she gives her students homework. HARD homework, and expects them to deliver, too! Her homework assignment was for each of the students to pick a book from the minor prophets, read it five times, and then answer some questions she'd given them.

Two of her students had agreed to give their answers at the picnic! Both of them did a great job; in fact, some of her students felt like the first two had set the bar so high, there was no point in continuing!

Of course, one of the two volunteers was Bill, Ms. Sara's husband. I wonder if that makes him the teacher's pet?!

They talked, laughed, walked, ate, studied God's Word, and just had an all-around good time.

It's always a pleasure to have this group up here -- we look forward to seeing them again soon. Ms. Sara even mentioned that she & Bill might be up here soon to do a little tent camping!

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