Monday, September 5, 2011

Catching Up...and Gearing Up !

Now while summer has officially come to and end I am sure there are still some hot days ahead. For the last three weeks we have not gotten any rain and that may be the only time that has happened this summer. Today however we are getting rain all day, and tomorrow as well. The break from the temperatures is nice. I would say this has been an unusual year for the Camp but since we have only been up here a couple of years I am not sure what normal is.

Bethlehem Baptist from Lacy's Spring was scheduled to come up here for the last part of the weekend but the weather has caused them to reschedule. I had a call early in the summer about the possibility of a fall wedding up here...we will see how that pans out. Our first Kid's Camp was called off because of the extreme heat as well as a few other groups who planned to come up during the high temps as well. For about a month or two it was quiet up here.....we did manage to get some work done.

I took some pictures during the summer of some interesting flowers/plants in MACOBA land. The one above was in the lower field not far from the woods. Not sure what it is but it certainly caught my eye one day as I was walking.

These were coming out of the edge of some moss as you can see. One day as I took Easy down to explore the "secret creek" these little dainty flowers were everywhere. They seemed to bloom out overnight as I was just down there the day before.

I caught sight of these one day right next to the main road. Like many others they were not all over the place but only a few here and there. While there are no sign of them now they were very noticeable at the time.

One day as I was coming around the back side of the pavilion this bright orange thing was sticking out like a neon sign. I am sure it is some kind of fungus and very pretty.

The wood azaleas are aways pleasant to look at and are sprinkled all throughout the camp in the early part of the spring. The blooms don't last very long but they sure brighten up the place while they are here.

I wanted to include this unusual flower that also was near the pavilion. I nearly stepped on this one as I was headed over to get on the lawnmower one day.

This year we are going all out for the second annual "Fall Jamboree". We have rented space on an digital billboard located on University drive just past Jeff road. If you are coming into Huntsville it is on the left right before you get to Jeff road. Plans are to talk with a reporter from channel 31 about a spot for the camp. New Market BBQ will be providing our lunch this year and we have changed some and expanded the activities for our big day.

We will still have our church lawnmower race which was a big hit last year. The kids will enjoy several activities including an inflatable jumping house. For more up to date details see our Facebook page or visit the website at

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