Monday, September 5, 2011

Lighthouse Youth Retreat

The weather was gorgeous this past Labor Day weekend and stayed that way just long enough for the youth from Lighthouse Baptist Church, in Toney, to enjoy their three-day retreat. The festivities started Friday evening. The group -- about thirty, total -- came in and got their tents sent up pronto, while a few headed down to the pavilion to cook up a spaghetti dinner.

For the most part, it looked like a fairly experienced camping group. The tents went up without a problem and campfires were started. Not even the girls were bothered (too much) by the idea of "roughing it" for the long weekend! Although I did hear that on that first night, one of the adult chaperones did sleep in their car -- with a box fan anchored in the window.

Chris, the event organizer/leader had set the schedule up very nicely -- there was group devotional and study time, but he also gave them plenty of time to explore the 103 acres up here. And they did! I heard tales of youth wading Hidden Creek, playing down in Crawdad Creek, walking the trails, and fishing down at Serenity Pond. They were everywhere! And it was great to hear the woods of Camp MACOBA filled with the happy sounds of youth.

They did have their serious moments -- and the pavilion provided the perfect place for those times. As you can see, they had quite a sound setup!

Of course, they also did some serious eating -- between Brian and Dena (two of the parent/chaperones) this group was one of the best fed I've ever seen! I was happy to receive (and accept) dinner invitations to both their Friday and Saturday meals. Mmmm, mmmm good!

Sunday morning, first thing (before breakfast even), all those tents came down lickety-split. There was rain coming in, and they wanted to be packed and ready before the downpour started. They did a great job cleaning up, too. The camp looked terrific. And yes, the rain did come -- in fact, we had another group scheduled to be up here Sunday afternoon into Monday that got rained out.

Every weekend in September is booked up here, as well as three weekends in October, two in November, and even two in December! We're looking forward to seeing everyone.

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