Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Morningside Baptist Church

As far as I know they had never been up to the camp before.....I know the new youth leaders, Darin and Christian Lightfoot, had not been up here anyway.  So far these last two months, all groups who have been here have enjoyed near perfect weather. 
Morningside stayed for a long weekend, since Monday was the Columbus Day holiday, and from what I have been told they had a great time.  My time spent with the group was limited as Denise had surgery but I managed to get a few pictures and talk with Darin a few times. 

I have noticed that many youth ministers also play guitar and sing, but I discovered that Darin and Christian had been doing praise music for several years.  Darin gave me a CD he'd made and I will have to admit it was very good. As a matter of fact one particular song, Keep My Eyes On You, really blew me away and is my favorite song right now!  Here is a link to some of their music: Praizenet.   Now the version of my favorite song here is pretty good but nothing like the CD. I look forward to the time we get around to visiting them at Morningside to hear them in person and having them at the camp again as well.

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