Monday, October 17, 2011

Neely's Chapel Fall Picnic

Earlier in the week Pastor Lamar McGriff from Neely's Chapel called with some questions about the camp.  He wanted to have the church up for a picnic and come out for a pre-visit as well. 

We made the arrangements and he and the youth guy from the church came out for an official tour.  Brother Lamar was very down to earth and easy to talk with.  He also told me several stories as well.  He said that it just might have been him who brought the first group up here back in the late sixties early seventies. 

Plans were made and early Saturday afternoon folks began arriving.  All in all there was about 35 or so folks who made it out.  The aroma of food on the grill filled the air as I wondered on over to do a little socializing.  Everyone seemed to be having a great time and I even thought I heard a ballgame or two from a radio here and there. 

While a deposit is required from every group that comes up to the camp there is no charge for groups that are officially affiliated with the Madison Baptist Association.  I was pleasantly surprised when Brother Lamar handed me a $50.00 check and said they wanted to help out the camp.  What a great bunch of folks and I hope to see them use the camp even more in the future.

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