Monday, March 19, 2012

Twice The Fun!

This weekend we had both Boy Scout Pack 360 and Boy Scout Troop 757 up here at the same time.  Ken Boyd--who was with Troop 757--told me they had some overlap between the two groups and everything would work out fine.  David Collier and Pack 360 were in the main campground . . .

While Ken and his group made base in the Cedar Top Campground . . .

Not sure you could have asked for a better weekend as it was not too hot or too cold at night.  I will say the pollen count is extremely high as spring has come in like a freight train and we seem to be moving into an early summer!  There was a lot of trail walking and exploring by both groups.  Pack 360 was looking for a service project (which I just happen to have) and they did a terrific job moving the woodpile next to the fire ring up at the Cedar Top site to a better location. 

One of the boys from Troop 757 was showing Ken a biscuit he had made and was eating while I was standing there.  His group had made some tables that came apart easily in several pieces making them very easy to store and transport.
They also appeared to go up very quickly...I thought they were very interesting and commented how other groups could certainly benefit from them. 

David Collier from Pack 360 reminded me of the guy who used to be the star of a show many years ago called "Grizzly Adams".  I think he is also the hatchet or tomahawk man who comes up with Whitesburg every year. Both Ken and David are regulars to the camp and seem to be such fine men to be around.  We always look forward to the scout groups. 

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