Monday, April 2, 2012

One Fish, Two Fish

Or, rather, two groups fishing.  That's what we had going on up here this past Saturday.  Our first group were the youth, led by their leader Chris Brocato, from Neeley's Chapel Baptist Church in New Market.  They'd been out to the camp last fall for a church-wide picnic and had decided then that they'd come back in the spring to try their luck at the ponds.

The weather was perfect ... warm, but just a tad overcast and with a slight breeze.  They seemed to split into two groups. I headed up to the dock first, and was just in time to see this:
Followed closely by this:
Yup -- it was a great morning for fishing!  
When I traveled down to Silty Bottom to see what was happening there:
I met Caleb, who was catching shell crackers nearly as big as he was!
There was a lot of 'fun' fishing going on down here (meaning a lot of socializing)!  
But Caleb managed to reel himself in another biggie while I was down there.
But he wouldn't touch it himself!!

They seemed to enjoy their morning and there was a lot of talk of the guys coming back up for a night to do some primitive camping.

Our next group came in just after lunchtime.  This was Pastor Earl Johnson and some of his church family from Christ Community Church in Huntsville.  I met them up at the pavilion and gave them a little bit of a tour -- they'd not ever been up here before -- and then took them down to the ponds.  
They decided to set up on the dock at Serenity Pond.
And they were definitely prepared to make an afternoon of it!
They were dressed for it too -- love the matching shirts they've got on here.  They say, "Been fishing for Jesus -- Caught one -- Matthew 4:19 -- Christ Community Church"! 

I hope now that they know about the camp -- and all the amenities that we've got up here -- they'll be back up for some more events, too!

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Yay for fishing!!!!