Monday, April 16, 2012

Whitesburg Challengers Camp Out

It was Friday afternoon when the group arrived and Vern Handley and his son were the first to get here.  After a little while I headed over to see them -- their vehicles were there but no one was in the camp.  Later I saw Vern's son on a bike coming up the gravel road down from the pavilion.  A few minutes later there came he was off the bike and pushing it on up the hill.  It may have been another hour or so when the rest of the group arrived. 

I made my way back to the campground with paperwork in hand so Tim or Richard could fill it out for me.  Which speaking of that, I always get the two of them mixed up for some reason and I did it again.  It seems that I remember from the last time either John Crocker or Ray Romine (neither of whom made this trip) told me that Richard was the good looking one.  Not sure what they meant by that...maybe because Richard has more hair?....hmmm.  Someone mentioned that John was away on some very draining mission trip in New York I believe. 

Anyway I spent a few minutes with these gentlemen and took a few pictures.  Vern came up here last year and I think he is a "General" with some super-special Cadet group.  Tim and Richard have been involved with the Challengers for over 20 years and we talked about this for a few minutes.  Tim said when they first began the program, they would bring groups of up to seventy boys.  Now it is closer to a fourth of this.  He shared that there are just so many more extra-curricular activities that compete for the kids' time these days. 

The group spent most of their time in the main campground and I made it back over that evening to take a few more pictures.  They had a good night's sleep and the temperatures were just about perfect for camping out.  In the morning I could smell bacon frying so it was only natural to drift over there again.  The kids were responsible for their own supper but the leaders were cooking breakfast. 
An interesting method of cooking french toast was taking place as I arrived.  The had a two burner coleman stove with both eyes lit.  On it was a bread pan which had been heavily buttered and perfectly fit across both eyes.  They had six pieces of toast going at one time.  You could tell these guys were pros.  I did not stay around for breakfast as my lovely wife had breakfast going as well.  They hung around until about lunch partaking in some kind of activities.  This is a quality group of men and I am always glad to see them visit.       

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