Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Camp in the Dog Days of Summer

The weather was oh-so-warm on Friday, but that didn't stop the children from Grace Summer Camp (of Grace Lutheran Church) from having a good time!  
When we caught up with them early in the afternoon, they had finished having lunch at the pavilion and were spread out in the upper field, enjoying a rowdy game of kick-ball!
While most of the kids played, some of the younger children hung out in the shade.  
Along with them was the bus and its driver, Richard.  
Richard and Todd got to talking and we found out that Richard drives a tour bus and has taken trips all over the country . . . one of which lasted forty days!

The game was close and the competition was fierce.  
An in-field error allowed this kicker to bring in all four runners and tag home himself, and that won the game.  
There was a fair mixture of cheers and good-natured ribbing as the kids came back towards the bus for a much needed water break.
It was a fun group of kids and they seemed to enjoy having a safe space to roam and play.  
We hope to see them back!

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