Monday, July 16, 2012

Celebrating 100 Years

The Girl Scout motto is "Be Prepared".  And the Girls Scout troops of North-Central Alabama certainly were when they showed up to celebrate their 100 year anniversary!  And they couldn't have asked for a lovelier day, either!
The girls were broken up into several groups . . . 
Juniors, and

There was also an ambassador Girl Scout on hand, too, helping the leaders with the different activities.  
They worked on badges, crafts, took hikes, and sang songs.  
One of my all-time favorite Girl Scout songs was being sung as we walked up and they sang it again just for us.
I've been singing this song for almost half the number of years the Girl Scouts have been organized!

Toward the end of the day, after the girls had done some "entertaining" for the gathering parents . . .
And after dinner had been cooked, served, and eaten . . . 
It was award time.  For Daisy to Cadet to Leader the day was a success ... smiles abounded!
Yes, the tee-shirt definitely fits:
We hope to host future Girl Scout counsel-wide events.  They did a great job of enjoying the Camp and cleaning up, too!  Thanks, ladies!

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