Monday, August 13, 2012

Huntsville Park Children's Campout!

It was good to see Clay Martin and the Huntsville Park Children's ministry at the camp this past weekend. 
Storms rolled through on Friday afternoon, but they were pretty much gone by the time the whole crew arrived arrived early that evening.  Once the "weather" moved through it left them with a wonderful weekend with temperatures very nice for August...only in the 80's...clear skies, a nice breeze, and low humidity.  Perfect camping weather!
While I did not get to spend time with them on Friday evening, I did wander over and do a little mingling on Saturday morning.  Clay had been up to the camp before but he said it had been about seven years ago.  He also commented that there had been several good changes to the camp since then. 
They all stayed in the main campground area and I did manage to get a few pictures before all the tents had been taken down. 

I caught Clay doing a little teaching around the campfire in one.  By the time I realized there were two groups, the other group was returning from their study time on the deck at Serenity Pond. 
I met Pastor Milon's daughter and several other great folks.  We look forward to their return in the near future!

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