Monday, August 6, 2012

Does the "Ringer" Make a Difference?!

The last time Miss Sara's Sunday School class from New Market Baptist Church met up here (and they meet up here regularly, every six months or so), someone commented that they should picnic up here more frequently.  We were all for that idea and very pleased when they decided to have a fellowship up here in August.

The day was a bit rainy and grey, but that sure didn't dampen their spirits.  They laughed, ate, and played games . . . including a bit of a "challenge" game Miss Sara came up with.  It was all questions from their Sunday School lessons over the past few months!  They split into teams and were just about halfway through when a "ringer" wandered over to the pavilion to participate.  The "ringer" (and I won't mention any names here) sat in with one side for a handful of questions, then to be fair, moved to the other side for a handful of questions.  There was lots of good-natured bantering going back and forth!

I believe the next outing will be their fall "around the fireplace" potluck.  We'll be looking forward to their exceptional company!

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