Friday, April 19, 2013

Obstacle Course Progress!

It finally dried up enough that the pea gravel was able to be delivered for the Obstacle Course.  After another week or so of waiting out the subsequent rain, I spent another week trying to line up someone to move it from being "Gravel Mountain" to its intended purpose of lining the course. 
Phone calls had not produced a taker so I was prepared to go and rent a bobcat and do this myself when Wells Johnson gave me a call. "You still need someone to help with the gravel?" he asked. I told him, yes sir, I do. He responded that he and Gordan Rainey were willing to come up on Wednesday morning and help.
They arrived around 9:00 on Wednesday morning--both with tractors with buckets--and were ready to go. I spent several hours the day before, raking out the leaves and clearing sticks and rocks from the course.  Needless to say I was a little sore but when you are working with volunteers I have learned you have to be able to move when they can come!
This part of the project would prove to be a little bigger than I thought. They brought the gravel in with the heavy equipment and I spread it with a rake. I managed to keep up for about, oh ... 30 minutes. 
Before it was all said and done they spent most of the day up here and finished at about 3:00. They did an excellent job and have been so helpful to me up here at the camp.
I must say that with the gravel down, the Obstacle Course is really looking good. The only think left now is to tighten up a couple of braces and hang the ropes. I believe this thing can be finished and ready to go before May gets here!


Anonymous said...

Todd, What does MACOBA charge for a church group of 25 staying overnight? (This group is not part of the Madison County Baptist. Assn.)

Denise :) said...

The cost is $1 per person, per day. So 25 people for two days would be $50 (or $2 per person). Let me know if I can be of further assistance. You can contact me directly at Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info!